Social Media; Its marketing, Its Brands, Its entertainment!

Social media. In a way, is taking over our world. People have debated for years that social media is blocking our interference of communicating with people face to face. That we are becoming like robots and hiding behind a screen, so why do we do it then? Why do we spend our personal time going on a device to post what’s going on in our day rather than telling a person who actually knows us? Why? Well because its entertaining, and in some ways beneficial to people and their companies.

The first modern social media created, was in 1997 called Sixdegrees. Not many have heard about this platform but it was able to allow users to create a profile, and to become friends with other users. In 2000 is was purchased for $125 million and was shut down in 2001. This was the start off to all social media platforms, and only increase from there. Facebook huge platform boost off in 2007 with over million new users signing up every week.

Facebook was similar to Sixdegrees allowing you create an account with your name and friending other users. People have used this platform to get in contact with different people all across the world. It is known that many people have reconnected with old family members or friends that they have lost contact to as well. The gaining of new friends and people commenting on your post, created a new feel of excitement, and that excitement is what made this platform so huge.

Other new platforms started to make its way like tumbler and twitter, but Facebook was still standing as the number one platform to go to. Businesses started to use this as a tactic to show their company to the many of their Facebook friends they had allowing their company to grow as a business.

Now social media wasn’t stopping there. Twitter also began to grow as a platform and more people began to hop on board. Around 2010 new social medias like Instagram and Pinterest took its place. Yes, some platforms began to grow bigger than others making some people lose interest in other platforms, but they are all used for the same thing which is for entertainment and even now promoting.

All across the world people have been using social media platforms to increase a person’s business. Instagram is known for showing pictures to all of those following your account and some of Instagram users Buy Instagram Followers to get more famous within no time on Instagram and businesses took this as an opportunity to show what they had to offer. The more followers you have the more successful your business will become. Everyday somebody is getting known whether it’s for their business or a talent that they have.

As more and more people become known to social media there is going to have to be somebody there to control it, and make it even better so it stays a well-established platform. That is where social media marketing takes its place. The goal of marketers is S.M.A.R.T which stands for specific, measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. Marketers have to come up with new ideas to add to the platform to keep the users interested. They play a big role in social media and help create interesting content for you to keep coming back for more. They are the brains behind the updates you get recently making the platform new and better.

Having your business become successful on social media can be difficult as it is easy. If you already have a well establish business you should do fine with social media. Most people will start out with social media first to create a brand for themselves, and this is a great idea thanks to promoting. It’s good to have an excess amount of followers to start out if you want to get your brand out there. A lot of people wonder how to achieve a certain amount of followers, and this just takes posting a number of content people have taken an interest in, and be consistent. After you laid out your brand to show, you can now search for people with high amount of followers to promote your brand even further. With work put into this your brand should be successful.

Having your brand or business on social media is much easier than finding people to promote your business by hand. Now you are able to do it just by the click of a finger and in seconds people from all around the world can see what you have to offer. If you are not interested in spending a lot of money to promote your business, then social media is the best option for you.

Social media cannot just promote your business but it can help you get that job you always wanted. With social media we tend to put most of our business online. If we sort out our skills and show them on our account. People from all over can see the work you done and contact, you even if you haven’t contacted them. Social media can also determine what kind of a person you are with what you post. A lot of businesses take this to consideration when you are applying to a job, so use this as an advantage and don’t post anything you don’t want your boss to see.

Social media has been with us since the 1990’s to present day itself, and will only keep growing as the years goes by. Staring of with just a simple post, and the excitement you feel when someone has acknowledged what you said. Social media got to evolved into well-established platforms allowing people to have fun with simple selfies and daily post. To getting your brand known to the world with just a few clicks. Social media is something that is used every day and has grown to be quite essential. Social media is more than just a tool it’s a way communicate with others, and become more successful in life.

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