Are iPads more suitable for playing online games vs. Computers?

Computers and desktops have been taken over the technology for many decades when computers were first introduced were huge and large and could only fit in a room. But with the passage of time their size continued to shrink and scientists and technologists continued to find ways to make it available for every other person. It changed the thinking pattern of every human present on the planet. Everything from then was technology related, but now after so many years computers are now being transferred to a size of a notebook and are called as iPads.

So the question that arises is whether these iPads have replaced the use of computers/ desktops or not?

The research has found that touchscreen of iPads has taken over every activity and sources of entertainment. Like for example children are now more fascinated by the use of touch screen. 60% of the parents have claimed that their children like to play more with a touch screen rather than with their toys. Another example is of movies and cinemas; people now find it more comfortable to watch movies on their iPads rather than on computers and desktops. IPads are more portable and can be taken to anywhere and everywhere.

With the introduction of technology, the gaming industry has taken over all other sources of fun and entertainment. People now spend their time more on internet games rather than going out and play. Outdoor activities are now being replaced by online games. There are now so many unblocked games77 are available with takes seconds to get you engaged with the virtual world.

The use of iPads has increased the demand for such unblocked games because people now carry iPads to where ever they go, so such unblocked video games can best be played on iPads rather than on desktops and computers. IPads have now emerged as a machine for portable games. There is no comparison of iPads with computers in this criterion. With its control system and motion sensors iPad can deliver a new and unique way of playing games.

Not just this but unlike computers, pads are being updated now and then. They come up with new features, new applications and efficient in use. It is becoming more powerful with every new generation. The computer is a heavy weighted device, which cannot be compared with this light weighted device which also provides a pure performance. The world has now shrunken and been adjusted into this 5-inch device.

As far as the task of the computer is concerned, it can also be now totally performed on iPad too. Major tasks like the use of Excel, checking emails, using applications, surfing the web, playing games, letter writing, etc. can all be done on iPad too.

In fact, there are so many other tasks that can be performed better on iPad. IPad has a camera which can be used to make a movie and take pictures. The picture and video editing can be very well performed on iPad. You can use multiple functions of apple; you can use iTunes, can download app store.

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