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It is a true fact that athletes suffer from most of the ailments from time to time. This may be because of their tiresome routine or the blood and sweat that get wasted during their game. But what is awful for them is surely when they get infected by a skin disease. Yes, athletes usually get skin diseases in their skin above the joints, the elbow, under the knee, neck etc. the can be many reasons for these infections. But they all have to be taken care of so that they don’t affect the game of the athlete.

Causes of infections:

The causes of these infections are very clear, it might be because of sharing personal items with someone else, even water bottles, or wearing clothes that aren’t properly washed or the detergent hasn’t been washed out completely; plus covering an outbreak or a wound with a water proof bandage won’t help, change it when it gets sweaty and wet. Also, remember to shower as soon as you are done with your game and practice and try reporting all skin infections or out breaks as soon as possible. The cause might be something very minor in the beginning that can cause a major problem later for the athlete.

Bacterial infections:

Many bacteria are the cause of infections in athletes. Staphylococcal and streptococcal infections are both very common amongst athletes. These are contagious and disgusting infections that get transferred from player to player. The organisms that cause these bacterial viruses may cause clinical disorders and may advance into something big. Yet, these can be treated with antibiotics, and oral baths and topical warm soaks.  Moreover, quick treatment and isolation of the infected athlete are both very important for the rest of the competitors as well.

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Viral infections:

The three most common viral diseases in athletes are VERUCA, Mollusca Contagious and Herpes Simplex. They can occur to anyone as they viral diseases. They are transmitted from one to the other by contact or shared resources. This includes using the same towel, water bottle, shoes and even socks etc. Sharing a glass and plate may also contribute. These are painful infections and the only way to get rid of them is to get rid of the virus or to kill it. Athletes suffering from viral diseases must take care of their hygiene and wear sandals and take regular showers etc. treatments are readily available for all sorts of infections.

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